About Us

"Our care of the child should be governed, not by the desire to make him learn things, but by the endeavour always to keep burning within him that light which is called intelligence."

~Dr. Maria Montessori

Our Vision

Montessori Casa's vision is a community where the children's diverse backgrounds are respected and valued, where the children are loved and supported to grow, through their learning, into independent and knowledgeable adults who will contribute positively to our society.


Our Mission


Our mission at Montessori Casa is to provide a Quality Montessori program that considers the Holistic Development unique to each child, in a nurturing, emotionally secure and academically excellent environment.

Our Philosophy

At Montessori Casa, we view the child as one who is naturally eager for knowledge and capable of initiating learning in a supportive, thoughtfully prepared learning environment. We believe in the universal values of self-respect, respect for others and respect for the environment, fostering a love of learning and a sense of community responsibility.


Montessori Casa is a place which truly believes in following a child and providing an environment where every child has the opportunity to become who they are, to focus on their interests and discover the world at their own pace. We believe in working in a partnership with each other to strive to build a strong community. At Montessori Casa parents, Educators and Management are all contributing to create an inclusive, productive workplace that has the child’s interests as its priority.

 We believe the outdoor environment is just as important on what is available in our indoor spaces, and we aim to incorporate as many permaculture principles as we can and to ensure decisions are made in collaboration with the children in our care. After all, it is their space.


Our classroom is carefully prepared by the teachers to encourage independence, freedom within limits, and a sense of order. The child, through individual choice, makes use of what the environment offers to develop himself, interacting with the teacher when support and/or guidance is needed. Children are encouraged to make decision at an early age, Montessori-educated children are problem-solvers who can make appropriate choices, manage their time, and work well with others. They exchange ideas and discuss work freely. These positive communication skills build the foundation for negotiating new settings. Children work at their own pace and must demonstrate mastery of material before progressing.